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The blessed island in the northern Aegean Sea

Samothrace is a Greek Island, located in the northern Aegean. Its distinctiveness is a result of the pure and wild nature that expands all over the island, the rich flora and fauna, the ultimate plane forests, the unique Samothrace Temple Complex known as the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, as well as the one of a kind waterfall lakes, as called “Vathres”.

We will visit the ancient city of Paleopoli and The Sanctuary of the Great Gods which is without question the most significant archeological site and point of historical interest in Samothraki. Also known as the Samothrace Temple Complex, this ancient site was once home to secret ritual practices characterized by initiations. The Sanctuary will give you a glimpse into this ancient form of religion in Greece as well as an idea of where the original Nike of Samothrace once stood. Then we will visit The Archeological Museum of Samothrace which is located next to the archaeological site of the Great Sanctuary where you can observe archaeological artifacts found on the island as well as a replica of Nike of Samothrace.Next stop at Therma where just about 2 kilometers from the village we’ll find the second group of waterfalls on the other side of Mount Saos at Gria Vathra. There are at least ten natural pools at Gria Vathra, surrounded by rugged and rough nature. Our trip will complete by enjoying an amazing meal of traditional recipes.